Rule # 2: Embrace Your Space

Alright, Players! So life has dealt us a new card called: “Pandemic and Quarantine.”

I feel like this is when you’re playing UNO and you’re in the perfect situation! If you lay low, you can let out your quiet “UNO” and then win the game! But then. BUT THENNNN…. The person right before you, proceeds to hand you the “Draw 4, reverse back to me, skip you two times, the color is red, UNO, UNO OUT” combo and now you’re like how did I get here???? Well… same feels with Covid-19. We had big plans, Ms. Rona.

This situation has been amongst us for a month and some change. And while some stay home orders are expiring and others are extending, we all have different ways of dealing with it. I support you learning new hobbies! I support you starting that business plan! I support you making those online purchases! I support you saving money! I support drinking at 11:00am! I support sleeping all day! If you’re SAFE and its making you happy.. You like it. I love it!

Okay, Lo. So what’s the rule to get through this? AKA (Girl. Hurry and get to the point.)”

– Yall (I know. I need to work on speeding up my talking points.)

Well, I think we can all agree that its been real Twilight Zone-ish. One of the biggest factors being: how do you make your home… your everything? How can one place be, the office, the gym, the kids classroom, the bar & grill and the movie theater? (Obviously, that line is not for the millionaires of the world with mansions.) Furthermore, why would we WANT our homes to be everything?

Now before moving along, I’m not here to beat anyone over the head about what you should and shouldn’t be doing during this unprecedented time. (And some of y’all should take the same approach, but that’s not my business.) It’s just that, as I continue to go through this, as everyone else, I’m starting to become more comfortable with the setting around me.

One could argue that I’m too lazy to recreate and rearrange our apartment to fit my outside needs. (Chillllll, cause you’re too loud.) However, in NOT doing so, I’m able to appreciate what’s already here. I now look forward to sitting on my patio for a hour of reading in the evening, when I would usually just use it to people watch for 2 minutes. I now like sitting at my kitchen island to work on my computer, when I would usually just use it to set groceries on when I come in the door. I’ve even gone as far as taking advantage of napping on the left side of my bed instead of the right. (WEIRD, but rejuvenating.)

What I’m trying to say is, take a moment to use what’s around you and see it in a different light. OR refuel the love for something old! If you don’t know where to start here are a couple of ideas:

  • Sit on the floor instead of the couch. (One of my most interesting likes these days.)
  • Use that cookbook that’s in the cabinet!
  • Use that window for better selfie lighting rather than letting the smoke out from said cookbook!
  • Use your Christmas lights for better ambiance in a room!
  • Use your body mirror as Kelly Rowland’s dance rehearsal studio instead of just analyzing your face! (Cause, honesty hour, we’re already in sweats anyway! #Don’tEvenKnowHowMyRealClothesFit)

Whether you like these ideas or not, my point isss.. know your personal realm inside and out. You should understand the importance of what’s around, based on you and your family’s wants & needs. Be careful of what fills it and let go of what’s not a benefit. THIS INCLUDES INDIVIDUALS! I REPEAT THIS INCLUDES PEOPLE! When outside opens back up, don’t just let anybody in all willy nilly. Don’t let anyone or anything mess up your physical or mental capacity.


4 thoughts on “Rule # 2: Embrace Your Space

  1. Yes! Actually reading this from one of my favorite recently found places…the living room floor/blinds open so the sun can hit me on its way down 🙂

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  2. This is definitely a tip that I’m going to take to heart! I’m almost tired of looking at the walls in this house, but I’m going to try some of the things you talked about!

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  3. Aww this was such a delight to read! I have been spending more time on my patio , I meditated out there this morning. I’ve been adding plants to my space and spending some of my leisure time in my bedroom instead of my living room. I am making the most of each day but I should get stared on that business plan 🤔

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