Prepare youself for a blog that is honest representation of what our life is like. We’ll share both the good & the bad. We’ll share our embarrasing stories but also take the time to celebrate our successes. We’ll be upfront about it all because we know y’all are going through it too. The rules may inspire unintended thinking. Maybe provide reassurance. Maybe spark healthy debates. But overall, its intended to be a positive, interactive environment… SO ANYTHING GOES! Well, maybe not anything…..

Meet Lauren

Welp.. it may say alot about me that I have the urge to type in Myspace era. “It’s Ya Gurl Lolo! W3lcom3 To Our Pag3!” But I’ll refrain any further… Laughing, brunching, drinking and watching sports are my favorite past times. I’m the happiest if I’m doing the last two simultaneously. I’ll forever defend anything Detroit & the fact that Cheerleading is a Sport!

“Keep Your Heels, Head, and Standards High” – Coco Chanel

Meet Jazmyn

Is it just me or is writing a bio one of the hardest things to do? I work in the sports industry so let’s argue about which team is better. My favorite things include coaching volleyball, drinking coffee or wine (depends on what time it is), watching Friends for the 7th time, & day drinking at a pool near you.

Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh, you’re both from Michigan? Did you move to Texas together?


The boring short version, for those who want a simplistic answer, is they met in 2017 after they both moved to Dallas to work at the same company. However, if you want the real deets keep reading!

Although, Jazmyn would say it was very ‘blah’, once Jazmyn started Lauren introduced herself, in the most delightful manner! Lauren (at the time, still very new to Dallas) asked “Where do you live?” Jazmyn answered with a couple street names and in Lauren fashion, she pretended to know exactly where it was, even though she had zero clue because she has ZERO sense of direction.

Fast forward a month later, separately, the girls decide to end their day with a workout! As Jazmyn enters her apartment gym, picking out a bomb first song, she looks up and realizes Lauren is in the SAME apartment gym on the treadmill! *Queue the “OMG! I CANT BELIEVE YOU LIVE HERE TOO!” and OMG! THIS IS SO CRAZY!” statements.*

And from there, was the start of the dynamic duo! (Shoutout to Cityscape.)